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Vitest and Slidev (JS Party Live!)

The Inner Workings of Vite Build - DevOps.js 22

Vite 3 Announcement with the team

Vite is becoming the Epicentre of Tech? With Evan You and Eric Simons

The Vite Ecosystem - ViteConf 22

The Vite Panel - ViteConf 22

Breaking down ViteConf

Elk, a Nimble Mastodon Web Client - Team and Contributors call

Vite Panel Discussion - Vue.js Amsterdam 23

Vite 3 and beyond - Vue Fes Japan 22

Nuxt and Vite Core Teams Live Panel - Nuxt Nation 22

Vite's Philosophy - ViteConf 23

Community and Contributors Panel - ViteConf 2023

Vite Core Panel - Nuxt Nation 23


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